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Food Film Fest Charleston Recap

May 7, 2014 | Posted in: , | 0 Comments

Hello Friends!!

We had such a wonderful time at the Food Film Fest Charleston and met so many fellow food-lovers and movie-makers in that great southern city. We saw a film about BBQ on the flight deck of a battleship, we had our own film screened for a crowd of about 300 in a distillery. It was also great to catch up with the stars of our documentary, Jan and Dean Weaver, who attended the screening with us and kindly answered the many questions of audience members after the screening. As if all this wasn’t enough, we were even lucky enough to be given the Audience Choice Award!

We’ll be posting out own photos soon, but till then, you can see festival pics here:

Maddie and Justin at the Food Film Fest Charleston 2014

Screening of “Crazy”

Chowing down

Maddie and Jan Speak to George Motz, Festival Director

High Wire Distilling Co

Stay tuned for more exciting project news very soon!


Founder, The American Recipe Project

Pie-Tacular Post #1 Pumpkin Cookies

Nov 12, 2013 | Posted in: , , , , | 0 Comments

For part one of our first Pie-tacular post, we visit the incomparable Ms. Elaine McMillion in Elkview, WV on what is nearly the eve of her wedding! Elaine’s family recipe is an Appalachian classic – Pumpkin Cookies. She had this to say about the recipe

To make this “pumpkin” cookie recipe you need a little bit of pumpkin and a lot of lard and love.

I don’t really know if this cookie has “ethnic” roots but you can find it in some bakeries scattered in Appalachia. It probably came out of a cookbook during wartime.

However, it’s special to me because this is the cookie my family makes every year around Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s one of those cookies that you end up eating too much of while baking!

The cookie is very moist and thick. Less like a cookie and more like cake. And the icing is thick and super sweet. The icing requires patience to get it to the right consistency without burning the milk.

This has always been a cookie we have made as a family together or have made as a gift to others. When I was little, I would take a whole bag of them to school and share with my classmates. Now on November 17, I will be taking them to my own wedding and sharing them with friends and family there!”

Expect post number two (including the recipe deets) on this history-making family recipe next week, after we’ve hopefully had the opportunity to sample this one in person!

IMG_3809 (1)

Catching Up With Contributor Emily Hull

Sep 15, 2013 | Posted in: , , , , , | 0 Comments


Hello All!

After a summer hiatus, The American Recipe Project is back! We are cooking up new segments, interviews, and help from our friends at contributing institutions. We thought we would begin by a recap on the summer recipes from our wonderful blog contributor, Emily Hull. Emily  and husband Matt are expecting baby Madeleine Ann any day now! Check out her namesake recipe (pictured above) and two other gems from Emily’s archives via the links below.

Oh Baby!

Marcias Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Ice Cream (never too late for ice cream!)

Enjoy everyone!


It’s All True

Feb 13, 2013 | Posted in: , | 0 Comments


Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to our screening last night for our debut webisode, and were honored to take home the Rule Boston Camera Award presented by filmmaker Jennifer Fox! It was an exciting night, there were excellent cupcakes, and we can’t wait to tell you more about the launch of our site in a little less than 2 weeks!

Feb 12, 2013 | Posted in: , | 0 Comments
Tomorrow night! Come see our debut webisode, “Crazy: A Story About Cake” on the big screen, 7 pm at the Paramount Theater on Washington St in Boston, as part of the It’s All True Doc Fest! Free and open to the public, be there or be square!!