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Based in Stillwater Oklahoma, Ms. Emily Hull, creator of the blog “Meringue and Memories” is teaming up with The American Recipe project to contribute some of her oral history food narratives as she earns her Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University! We’re so excited to have her contribute, and hope you enjoy this first look at her work in the link below, a blog about her Great Aunt Helen’s famous crab imperial. Enjoy!

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There is a lovely sense of calm on Nourse Farm in Westborough, MA. With little more than the birds and the occasional airplane to interrupt your thoughts, strolling the ground on a windy summer day truly feels like a gift, and you understand why the Nourse family has worked so hard to maintain such a beautiful working farm, one of the oldest in Massachusetts. Nourse farm dates back to 1722 and can trace their descendants even through the Salem witch trials.

Marsha met John Nourse and married him gaining not only a husband, but also a connection to the farm and it’s heritage. In her family’s sweet and sour meatball recipe, Marsha takes a jewish recipe that was a comfort food for her growing up, and added her own twist by using peach jam made right on the family farm. We visited the peaches (in pre-jam mode) growing serenely on a sunny hilltop, that are used to make said jam.

It is hard sometimes to describe what a marvel this is to me, this simple thing, a jewish recipe somehow made essentially American in the sweetest, most homegrown way. The hard work, pride, and careful planning that go into growing the peach, making the jam, the thoughtfulness with which it is added to an old recipe from another tradition, and the sunny and easygoing disposition of our hostess as she recounted tales of this particular dish, even amid a busy day on the farm. I would like to think that this is the essence of not only our American culinary tradition, but of American families – blending the old and new, cultures and traditions, and serving it with pride.

Can’t wait to start cutting this episode – post starts this week so be on the lookout for snippets of footage at long last!

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Charleston, South Carolina!

What a wild and wonderful, hot and humid place! The American Recipe Project traveled there to film Jan Weaver making her family’s Swedish meatball recipe, and what ensued was an entire smorgasbord which can only be described as magnificent! Maddie, producer and director, is related to these folks (distant cousins) and also had a great time not only tracing family recipes, but also lineage, with the help of Dean Weaver and A large family dinner (photos to come) of the ARP crew, cousins including Heather and Kelly, and some adorable dogs (Carly and Casco) was a huge highlight of the trip and shoot. Many more pictures and stories to come!!

New Facebook Page!

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New Facebook Page!

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Happy July 5th – hope your 4th was filled with family recipe fun – pictured below is a super easy fruit pie that even our grandmothers would be proud of! The American Recipe Project crew certainly had a fun fourth! photo credit: Chelas Poirier

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